Gilbert Catalog

These downloadable, high-resolution images are perfect for browsing the catalog on the go or at home. They are available for download in the common Adobe PDF and Comic Book Archive formats.

The .cbz archive (short for Comicbook Zip, called .cbr when built using the RAR file compressor) is a collection of alphabetically-ordered images. These can be extracted with your favorite archival utility (such as 7Zip, WinRar, StuffIt Expander) and viewed in any image browser; or they can be viewed with specialized document browsers. There are a number of options, both free and paid, on each platform. For more information on the Comic-Book Archive format, see the Wikipedia entry. Here are a few popular, free CBZ readers:

     • Comical browser is free, open-source software available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

     • Droid Comic Viewer is free for Android-based phones and tablets.

     • CloudReaders is free for Apple iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

These downloadable copies are formatted at 2048px for "Retina" type displays. To inquire about reproduction-quality scans at a lossless 600 dots per inch, please contact the Webmaster at