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The Eli Whitney Museum and Workshop is an experimental learning workshop for students, teachers, and families. We collect, interpret, and teach experiments that are the roots of design and invention. Our Essential Experiments are lessons you are much more likely to find in a workshop or a studio than in a classroom. Experiments can be messy, noisy, and time-consuming. The color and sound and feel of their learning is essential. In our Workshop, we educate your senses to be prepared to understand... to really understand... the ideas you encounter in a classroom and in the world.

The Board of Directors, confirmed at our Annual Meeting in October 2016:

President: David Lewin
Vice-President: Eric Epstein
Treasurer: Ray Fair
Secretary: Anna Ramirez

Kathy Cooke
Alexander Esdaile
Meghan Knight
Stephen Latham
JR Logan
Kerry Lord
Alexandra Mahler Haug
Normand Methot
William Frank Mitchell
Zachary Morowitz
Alan Plattus
Mary Schwab Stone
Daniel Velazquez
James Whitney
Kiran Zaman

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