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Olympic sports are a blend of art science, invention and discipline. Construct your own world-class Olympians. Master the mechanisms of miniature mechanical movement. Create unique uniforms. Learn the rules and strategy of Winter Sports in broadcasts from the 2010 Games in Vancouver. Each workshop has a beginning and advanced level.
  • The Museum offers a day long (9am – 3pm) program to enrich the hours of the school holidays.
  • Before and after care (7:30 am – 5:30 pm) is available at $6 per hour.
  • Per day: $58 ($54 for members)
Click on each program for complete information and link to registration.

Hockey: 2.15.10


Construct your own star forward with a wicked slapshot. Construct a goal and a goalie. All that you really need for hours of practice. Join the US Men's or Women's team, or the favored host Canadians or the always tough Finns. Learn how to make repairs on the fly. (It's a bruising sport.)

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Figure Skating 2.16.10


Construct a figure skater that spins and leaps. Master the technical precision of the compulsory ice dances and the classic or innovative moves of the individual freestyle program. Construct a partner to join you in pairs or ice dance.

Technical demonstrations by Alex Mahler-Haug, a former member of Team USA and a National Technical Specialist for US Figure Skating.

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Cross Country Skiing & Biathlon 2.17.10


You may be the first American to win a gold medal in this event. Construct a cleverly coordinated cross-country skier who can compete in sprints, classic and free technique events. (Learn the difference between them.) Then change over to Biathlon and construct a tiny target rifle for your skiier to carry over a rigorous course.

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Snow Boarding 2.18.10


Construct a snowboarder and snowboard… goofy or regular. (And learn the difference.) Test him or her in snowboard cross, slalom, or half pipe. And the only things you'll break will be mended with glue and rubberbands.

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Bobsled & Luge 2.19.10


Construct a sleek two man (or two woman) bobsled with its driver and brakeperson. Choose to construct a luge or skeleton sled and its pilot or slider. Construct a launch ramp (rubberband powered) to send your sleds careening. Join the class in building an Olympic track.

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