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The Gilbert Company's showroom in New York, the Gilbert Hall of Science, was an emporium of experimental learning and a forerunner of the modern science museum. The Eli Whitney Museum collects and studies the products and legacy of A.C. Gilbert and his company.


Meccano Steam Shovel

Read Frank Hornby: The Boy Who Made $1,000,000 With a Toy, M. P. Gould's 1904 biography of the inventor of Meccano.

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A picture of toy construction blocks

Gilbert's name appears on 152 patents. Some reflect his personal work. Most recognize the contributions of his coworkers.

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The Gilbert Project

Mr. Gilbert's Railroad

The Museum's Annual Exhibition of American Flyer Trains
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Classic toy trains produced by New Haven's A.C. Gilbert Company still run beautifully after 50 years. See them in action at the Eli Whitney Museum's annual hands on exhibition of American Flyer Trains.

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Erector Set

Learn more about Gilbert's toys, trains, and factory.

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