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The Whitney Relay is a set of interconnectable parts that lets students master the art and science of energy transfer in the tradition of the Rube Goldberg Machine or its contemporary Japanese masterpiece: the Pythagoras Switch. Each student receives 5 ramps, 8 marbles, 6 blocks, and assorted parts to construct a chain reaction that could include your whole class. Thoughtful lessons in mechanics, invention and teamwork.

Pythagoras Switch

Leonardo DaVinci

Rube Goldberg

And more...

Honda's "The Cog"

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The Way Things Go

You may also be interested in The Melancholy Puff Machine by former Eli Whitney Museum apprentice, Jen Oxley.

Whitney Relay 2019

The Whitney Relay

The Whitney Relay

Download 3-5 WR Prog Info rev 9.1.08.pdf (pdf, 67.6kb)
Download 3-5 WR Teach Mat rev 9.1.08.pdf (pdf, 82.7kb)
Download 3-5 WR Stu Mat rev 9.1.08.pdf (pdf, 96.4kb)
Download 6-8 WR Prog Info rev 9.1.08.pdf (pdf, 70.9kb)
Download 6-8 WR Teach Mat rev 9.1.08.pdf (pdf, 59.9kb)

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