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Design and post a personal web page. Learn the basis tools and techniques of web design. Work with HTML, a scanner, a digital camera. With advanced projects for advanced students.

The Bare Bones Guide to HTML is a good refresher and reference material for HTML tags.

This HTML reference Desktop Wallpaper is a quick, always-available reference that children can set as their desktop background so that help is never far away, even without an active internet connection.

This color guide can be used to look up the Hexadecimal codes used to select colors.

The HTML examples we used in class can all be downloaded here. Add a Navigation Bar with Frames, Embed Music, Link Pages Together, organize content using Tables, or use Flash to add simple animated menus.

w3.org provides an HTML Validator which can be used to automatically search for typos and syntax errors in web pages. If you're ever stuck with a persistent problem that you can't find by eye, this is the first place to turn.

Students who would like to learn more about web design may like to explore Adobe Flash:

Share your pictures by creating an image gallery. You might try gallery with scrolling thumbnails or the slideshow-style photo gallery. More ambitious students can make an extra-complicated, infinitely-expandable image gallery.

Flash is also good for animation and game programming.

Our Free Hosting Provider, Webs.com, has a great on-line interface which will allow students to access and download their work, or even edit and create new pages from any web browser.

At the Museum, students worked with ActiveState's Komodo Edit. Komodo Edit is a free download available for Personal Computers running Macintosh OS X, Windows, or Linux. Using Komodo Edit is better than the on-line interface because of syntax highlighting, a feature which color-codes HTML documents to make it easier to interpret the markup tags and find errors.

HTML Reference Desktop Wallpaper

HTML Reference Desktop Wallpaper

Web Colors Reference

Web Colors Reference

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