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For School Groups


Construct a two string instrument and a bow. Devise experiments to modify pitch and tone and volume. Consider the variables of materials, tension, touch and your own dexterity... all experiments measured by ear. Use the violin to describe patterns of waves in terms of amplitude and wavelength, and that waves can cause objects to move. View the sound waves on an Oscilloscope to see their amplitude and length.

Experiment with water and tuning to "see" the sound.

Designed in consultation with John Miller, Yale School of Music & the New Haven Public Schools. You can see photos and videos of schools where the Yale School of Music has enhanced the EWM violin program.

Meets Connecticut Science Standards

  • 5.1: Sound and light are forms of energy.

Meets Common Core Standards

  • MS-PS4: Waves and their Applications in Technologies for Information Transfer

Meets Next Generation Science Standards

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