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Understanding Conflict

Waterloo at 200

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2015 Summer Program

Two hundred years ago this June, the armies of Europe united at Waterloo (in present day Belgium) to finally halt the forces of Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon was a liberal reformer who challenged Europe’s social order. He was a military genius and ambitious conquerer.

To understand Napoleon, we will we will construct armies of 2000 infantry and cavalry…to stand for the 200,000 who met on June 18, 1815. Construct the horses, canons, and camps that Napoleon organized and moved with a chess master’s confidence. Assume command of a French or Coalition Regiment that will reenact a turning point in history: the end of Napoleon’s conquests, the beginning of a half century of peace. Discover that battles are won by organization, invention, discipline, heroics and luck.

Whitney at 250: To observe the 250th anniversary of Whitney’s birth, we are exploring his world and time. His Whitneyville Armory was commissioned as a direct response to the rise of his younger contemporary, Napoleon.

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