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Dexterity games are found in every culture and tradition.
It's a way of teaching your brain and hands to work as a team.

These games still appeal. Maybe even understand the math behind the game. But more than that, just play them and enjoy. Sometimes learning is just that much fun. Just build and play.

Choose among four different kinds of games – to play by yourself or with/against a partner/competitor.

Beneath the joy of Towers of Hanoi is an algorithm (a mathematical formula) which you don't need to know to play, but if you do know it, you can predict how many moves it would take to solve it for any number of discs you were playing with. You would be beginning to understand Code.

Rebound is about feedback in your fingers and just how hard you have to flick the puck to land where you want to land.

Finger Twister is all about the luck of the spin and your finger flexibility.

Pigs in Clover, a game from over a century ago written about by Mark Twain when it was all the rage.

Meets Connecticut Science Standards

  • K.1: Objects have properties that can be observed and used to describe similarities and differences.
  • K.4: Some objects are natural, while others have been designed and made by people to improve the quality of life.

Meets Common Core Standards

  • K-PS2: Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions
  • K-PS3: Energy
  • 2-PS1: Matter and Its interactions

For Families

Finger Twister and Towers Hanoi

gmes Rebound Twister Towers

Dexterity Game 2013

Dexterity Game 2013

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