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A complete light laboratory in a box. Construct a box that captures and focuses images. Use it as a camera artist's drawing tool. Or make it into a model of the eye. Then rearrange the elements. Direct a light source on an image inside the box to project the image into a darkened room – recreate one of Leonardo da Vinci’s greatest leaps of invention: a projector.

Meets Connecticut Science Standards

  • 5.1: Sound and light are forms of energy.
  • 5.2: Perceiving and responding to information about the environment is critical to the survival of organisms.
  • 5.4: Humans have the capacity to build and use tools to advance the quality of their lives.

Meets Common Core Standards

  • MS-LS1: From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes

Meets Next Generation Science Standards

Download CamObs Prog Info.v4.pdf (pdf, 70.9kb)
Download Cam Obscura Student mat v4.pdf (pdf, 50.1kb)
Download Cam Obs teach mat.v4.pdf (pdf, 154.6kb)
Download camera obscura david hockney.pdf (pdf, 743.0kb)

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