February Vacation Programs 2012

Eli Whitney Museum

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"Place" supports invention.. The Smithsonian's Lemelson Center (http://invention.smithsonian.org/home/) is studying the architecture and geography of invention: what habits and habitats support success? This year's Engineer's Week we will create 5 working model workshops to explore 5 styles of invention. These are tool kits that will enrich your workshop.

Ages: 6 (First Grade) through 12 years old. Each day has a beginning and advanced level group.

Charles and Ray Eames' Studio


Charles and Ray Eames designed everything: toys, chairs, houses, films and museum exhibitions. They were practical visionaries. They found new uses for new ways of making things.

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Alexander Graham Bell's Boat


Alec Bell invented the telephone and much more. One of his secrets: Mabel of Benin Bhreagh, a houseboat to which he retreated to think and fill notebooks with his ideas.

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A.C. Gilbert's All-Purpose Motor


100 years ago in New Haven, A.C. Gilbert invented a small place for invention: the Erector Set. It's heart was the electric motor. He put the first flexible use motor into the hands of a generation of young inventors.

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The Maker's Box of Parts


Make Magazine collects and shares the ideas of a new generation of inventors who mix old and new challenges, old and new parts with playful confidence. Practice the code of Make. Construct a Marble Down with peg board scraps, plastic tubing, hydralics, a flashing bicycle light, clothespins...and your imagination.

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Calder's Studio


Alexander Calder was an engineer and an artist. Watch films of him working in his Roxbury, CT studio. Calder brings to life everything he touches with play.

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