November Vacation Programs 2010

Eli Whitney Museum

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  • The Museum offers a day long (9am – 3pm) program to enrich the hours of the school holidays.
  • Before and after care (7:30 am – 5:30 pm) is available at $7 per hour.
  • Per day: $59 ($55 for members)

Click on each program for complete information and link to registration.

Election Day 2010: It's Sort of Like a Pinball Game

pinball-game Election

It's Election Day.
Sometimes promises and complaints get tossed back and forth so furiously that it's less like a contest of ideas and more like a pinball game. So let's make one.

Donkeys on the left. Elephants on the right. Flippers. Obstacles. A little tilt.

And when it lands, your marble will make one side or the other's head spin. But of course, this is just a game. Batteries and motors included.

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Veteran's Day: War Horse


Michael Morpurgo wrote War Horse, a novel for 9 - 12 year-olds, about a beautiful young horse sold away from his youthful master to serve the troops in the mud and smoke and misery of Europe's first World War. It is this conflict whose end we celebrate on November 11th each year. The novel looks at war through the horse's eyes and follows the determination and love of a young man to be reunited with his beloved horse.

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