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Earth Week
As Earth Day approaches, consider the lives of creatures whose world we share. we will look at challenges that are disrupting lives. We will build models to understand and support each creature's important place. We will do something to make a difference, starting on this site. (Well, lions and tigers and bears live farther away, but we will do something.) Suitable for beginning and experienced students ages 6 - 12.

  • The Museum offers a day long (9am – 3pm) program to enrich the hours of the school holidays.
  • Before and after care (7:30 am – 5:30 pm) is available at $6 per hour.
  • Per day: $58 ($54 for members)

Click on each program for complete information and link to registration.

Lions, Tigers & Bears, oh my.


Construct a lion, a tiger, and a polar bear that travel around a map of the world on a musical carousel. Trace the shrinking worlds of these regal beasts on that map. Consider global partnerships with plans to at least slow the decline. Join one of these campaigns for hope.

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Butterflies: the Monarch's Realm


How do changes in Mexico and Canada affect Monarch Butterflies in Hamden? Construct a 'map' of our hemisphere with the migration routes of Monarchs. As your Monarch travels, lights will show that it takes a family to make a migration. Model the places that make Monarchs move. Plant milkweed here (and at your home) to make Hamden more healthful for this long distance commuter. Batteries included.

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Hive collapse is a still mysterious epidemic that is threatening the honeybee colonies that are essential partners in plant life cycles. Construct a bee house for mason bees who are filling in for bumble bees. Build a Bee Dance model. Learn the Bee Dance from Yale student, Maxwell Lanman, whose film became part of the Haagen Daz campaign to publicize the plight of the honeybees. See Max's film at http://www.helpthehoneybees.com/#tv

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Bathouse and Robin (house)


Bats are essential friends too. A mysterious epidemic has been endangering them. construct a model mobile bat with an echo-locate signal. Construct a bat house. Help install bat houses above the Museum's meadow. Follow the work to protect Connecticut's bats. And Robins (not endangered!)(and the CT State Bird.) Batteries included.

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The sun feeds flowers. Flowers feed predator bugs. The bugs protect the flowers. It's a circuit. construct a flower with a solar cell which will collect power...to drive motors...to make bugs dance and buzz. It's an essential circuit we need to master. Solar Cell: no batteries included.

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