Where the Wild Things Call Home

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Bees, Bats, Birds, and Beyond

Where the Wild Things Call Home

for ages 7-9

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2023 Summer Program

Architects in nature fashion honeycombs, lodges, hives, webs, and dens. They take on the intricate engineering of bird nests. Our forests are abundant with these constructions. From tiny to large creatures, builders of the oceans, woodlands, desserts, and mountains bring diversity and extravagance of shelter into nature.

Birds building grand structures with their tiny beaks.
Beavers carefully constructing their lodges.
Bees creating colonies.
Ants building hilly homes and,
Spiders spinning baffling webs.

Walk the trails of East Rock park and search for natural habitats that protect and house a variety of animals in our backyard ecosystem. Learn the difference between the dwellings you see and some that are hidden. Keep a journal of your findings and use binoculars to take a closer look.

Build your version of these abodes and see how technical their planning and application can be. Make a bug hotel with bamboo and found materials. Use wood, mud, and clay to work with your friends to build together. You will appreciate the fact that you don’t need a beak to make your nests, but you will definitely come away with admiration and awareness that only experience can bring. We will learn about and implement ways to preserve nature’s neighborhoods and help them thrive.

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