The Science of Light

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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

The Science of Light

Ages 9-12
9 am-3pm


For many early thinkers, optics - the science of light - was considered the most fundamental of sciences. Originating at the sun’s center, light travels 93 million miles to earth, with each photon embarking on an 8 minute journey to reach our planet. History and inventive minds have transformed natural light - not only light from the sun, but from stars, lightning, and bioluminescent animals - into many new forms; fire, electricity, power, and energy.

Engineer your own display of light using combinations of red, blue, and green colored lights. Control the path which light travels using lasers and mirrors. Discover what the negative space of light can create in shadows. Engage yourself in the world of optics and learn what it takes to engineer light.

Educator: Andrew Sargent
Fee: $70

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