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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Engineering Letters

Ages 6-8
9 am-3pm


From the times of cave painting to Hieroglyphics civilizations have attempted communicating with the written word. The evolution of letters has a vast history that keeps stretching our wildest imaginations. Today’s emojis could never have been imagined centuries ago. Now we can write entire stories and messages with them. Letters evoke emotion and nostalgia, they change stories and legends. Spend a day looking at letters and how time has engineered their use and application. You will engineer your letters to become a book. Each page will dedicate itself to a different application that letters have brought to us globally and historically. From calligrams to poems, hieroglyphs stamps to Arabic script, and Rebus puzzles, your book will tell stories and experiment in the versatility and fluidity of letters. Create Alber’s letter stamps to make shapes become letters. Practice sign language skills and learn how to spell your name in the sign language alphabet. Create interesting sculptures with wooden letters, surprise yourself with what letters can keep on achieving. Repurpose letters to make new words and reimagine the future of letters.

Educator: Kiran Zaman
Fee: $70

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