Alien Encounters of the Insect Kind

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Monday, September 26, 2022

Alien Encounters of the Insect Kind

Ages 6-9
9 am- 3pm

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Investigate and appreciate the insect world around us. There are 5.5 million species of insects on the planet and they account for at least 80% of animal life. We have a versatile variety of species in our backyard— East Rock Park. Explore the trails around the museum with magnifying glasses and observation skills fitting of an entomologist. Learn how to spot, wait, and listen for the bugs around us. What do they do, where do they come from, and how do they participate in our ecosystem?

Make a selection of insects and construct a mini Cornell Box in which to display them.
Learn about Dung Beetles and engineer one that moves and emulates these creatures, minus the dung.

Fee: $85
Educator: Kiran Zaman and Laura McGowan

We strive to make our programs accessible to all. Please give us a call at 203.777.1833 to discuss opportunities for financial aid or sponsor a scholarship.

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