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for ages 12+

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2022 Summer Program

This camp is for beginners as well as experienced players.

In 1849 Nathaniel Cooke registered his design for a standardized Chess set. This set became known as the Staunton Chess Set after the English chess master Howard Staunton. The Staunton set is what you know today as a standard set.

It is now your opportunity to be the next Nathaniel Cooke, reimagine the chess set. You will be provided with an assortment of wooden pieces to design and create your own chess set. Build a chessboard out of blocks of hardwood species. Utilize your creations in a friendly competition.

Learn chess from a master chess teacher, Pablo Bastida, and learn design from Simón Parra our Shop Manager.

Begin your mastery of the chessboard with your own design of each piece. Each participant will be given the tools to design and fabricate their own chess set using our new Trotec laser cutter. From Art Nouveau flourishes to Minimalist simplicity, each design will be a unique expression of its creator.

Each afternoon, Pablo will guide you through the essentials of strategic chess playing where beginners will learn from Pablo and from the more experienced players and apprentices. It's all about territory and strategy.

Combine design with strategy.

Please note: This class will be primarily indoors.

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