Bee Causes: <em>The Arts, Work, and Wonders of Bees</em>

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em>The Arts, Work, and Wonders of Bees

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2021 Summer Program

The Naturalist Charles Darwin introduced his children to science and the world by having them observe the habits and travels of bees. Bees can be impressive architects, remarkable chemists, industrious farmers and disciplined community workers. Their history is more ancient than dinosaurs. They appear in myths and folktales. They are essential to our planet's future.

Get to know bees. Build models to identify and celebrate their differences. Construct hexagon cells to understand their architecture. Plant flowers that will nourish bees in the future. Make models of the flowers that will glow when your bees approach. Construct houses for mason bees. Visit a honeybee hive and bee keepers in Edgerton Park.*

Dance the dances that map their discoveries. Sample their work: candy sweetened by honey, wax for polishing wood, wax for dipping candles. Join the Häagen-Dazs loves Honey Bees initiative.

*Close enough to admire bees. Careful enough not to provoke bees.

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