2020 Fishing Boat

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Water is the perfect laboratory for experiment. Construct a boat. How will water test its materials, balance, and buoyancy? Test your work in our Water Learning Lab (May – Sept). Choose our Fishing Boat or the Leonardo Paddlewheel Boat.

We are accustomed to teaching with a model in front of a child, but these instructions should make it so that anyone can build one without our presence. We urge that parents and teachers be there to guide – but to allow the child to try to let the materials (and a picture of the final product) guide them. A wrong direction is always un-doable until you've glued something.

The Parts. and Waterproof Glue (Titebond III is what we use) for a few parts.

Step 1. Don't this this picture needs much explanation except that the peg for the topmost wood tower is the longer one with the knob on the top. You can use some glue under the cabin and the tower also.

Step 1. Finish up with the 'fishing line' with magnet at the end. Rubberbands around pegs and go catch a fish.


Fishing Boat Parts

Fishing Boat Step 1

Fishing Boat Step 2

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