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2016 Summer Program

Sculpture can tell stories. Before many people could read, the most important histories, legends, and epics were illustrated in reliefs carved into the stone of temples or important buildings. These friezes offered images of heroes and monsters and of important events that could be shared for many generations. They could take years to create but could last for centuries. You can do it in a week.

Get to know Shape it Sand, a remarkable modelling sand, made available to us by the generous folks at Waba Fun. Mold it, stamp it, carve it. Your figures will keep remarkable detail until you mix it up to start a new project. Maker a carrying tray that will become your studio. The Shape it Sand is nearly mess-less and can be used indoors. Make tools; collect molds that will assist your work. Tell Stories.

Egypt: create one of the Egyptian gods borrowed from Temple Carvings.Together the class’s panels will illustrate the creation of the universe. Make a Pharoah’s Scarab to accompany the story.

Greece: Illustrate Herodotus’ tale of Cadmus and the alphabet coming to Greece (as retold by James Rumford*). Carve the story on one of the 22 letters. Make a Phoenician Trading Ship to carry Cadmus and his treasure.

Denmark:Illustrate the Saga of Beowulf (again retold for children by the remarkable James Rumford*). Carve a scene form the hero’s adventures and battles with ogres and dragons. Make a fire breathing dragon of the north.

Your Story: Join a small group to recount a myth or story of your own creation in Sand.

*Permission to use the stories granted by the author.

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