Spring Festival on the River

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Architecture of Water XIV

Spring Festival on the River

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2016 Summer Program

Along the River During the Qingming Festival was painted by Zhang Zeduan in China 900 years ago. Our reproduction of the scroll is 10 inches high and 33 feet long. It depicts a traveler's journey to a festival, and the community, commerce, and celebration along the river in brilliant detail. The painting is a national treasure of China and the world.

You will find the painting easy to read. This workshop will retell its story in boats and buildings, people and water. We will build a river 100 feet long. You will construct a boat (There are 28 boats in the painting), a shop or residence (there are 30), animals (60) and people (814!) including farmers, sailors, acrobats, merchants, dancers, teachers, peddlers, scholars and many others.

We will celebrate our own procession along the River on Friday.

Apprentices will present the key vocabulary of the adventure in English and Chinese. Karen Yang researched and designed the class.

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