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2016 Summer Program

"A long Time ago in a galaxy far, far away...." Those words launched a movie that became a phenomenon and a pioneer not just in movie making techniques but also in toys. Imaginations were sparked and toys helped transport fans to this far away galaxy. Recreate the most recent world of Star Wars Episode VII: The force Awakens...miniaturized.

Create a playset that helps you to visit the desert world of Jakku where you will build your own scale model of Han's beloved Millenium Falcon and a rolling model of BB-8, the lovable beach-ball shaped robot that helps save Rey. Visit Star Killer Base, and Maz Kanata's hide-away and make models of the Stormtroopers and creatures that inhabit them.

Execute breath taking maneuvers in your scale model versions of X Wing Fighters and Tie Fighters. And construct scale versions of Luke's and Kylo Ren's light sabers. Construct your favorite characters to recreate your favorite scenes...or create new adventures and stories for them that reach as far as your imagination.

Micro SW back

Micro SW front

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