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Time Travel Edition

It's Not a Box

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2016 Summer Program

Time Travel is books and movies. Time Travel adds twists and surprises to stories. Time travel is definitely powered more by imagination than by science. This is a class in imagination.

Consider some of the great time travellers from Jules Verne – to Dr Who – Mr Peabody and Sherman – or Calvin & Hobbs. Convert a box into a time machine with lights, dials, levers and lots of imagination. Then do what time travellers do: jump to the past or future and solve problems creatively. Think outside the box.

~ Go back,(create) and retrieve a baby dinosaur or another now extnct animal.
~ (Create and) recover one of the 8 lost Faberge Eggs(1888-1916) or King John’s Crown (1216).
~ A Daleck from just about any time.
~ A bird sculpture from the Great Zimbabwe (1016).
~ The small Horse that Mr. Peabody left in Troy (1216 bce)

And other treasures you will just have to invent because you never know where a Time Machine will take you.

Adapted from Antoinette Poris’ It’s Not a Box ©2007: a strategy for inventing anything from a box and imagination.

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