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2016 Summer Program

Are we alone in the Universe? Science hasn’t answered yet.
Storytellers and artists, on the other hand, see ample evidence of extraterrestrials – Which suggests questions: where do these aliens come from? what planets? what parts of the imagination?

Consider current stories of intergalactic visitors. (We’ll save the ancient accounts for another summer.) “Current stories” includes your grandparents’ time: Marvin the Martian (1948) with his spaceship and Raygun; your parents’ time: ET (1982) and your time Stitch (2013). Build a whole galaxy of characters – some like us – Superman; some much funnier – The Worm Guys from Men in Black; some friendly; some hostile; some cute – Little Green Men from Toy Story; some ugly (to our eyes); many robots – Echo.

Learn their languages, their plans, their modes of travel, their appetites, their vulnerabilities. Then go on to invent an Extraterrestrial Friend with powers all its own. Use, wood, Sculpey, sewing, wire – you name it.

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