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Trading Cultures: Egypt

Hapshepsut's Voyage to Punt

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2016 Summer Program

Hapshepsut was the fifth Pharoah in Egypt's 18th dynasty. She assumed power nearly 3500 years ago. She ruled for 22 years and left a magnificent temple at Deir al Bahri. Inscribed on the walls of that temple: a record of one of history's most famous voyages. Hapshepsut had five ships carried across the desert to the Red Sea. The ships sailed south to the land of Punt (whose exact location is still a mystery.) The ships returned with gold, ebony, ivory, myrrh, exotic animals and plants…and a Queen from the South.

Construct a trade ship from Hatshepsut's fleet with its rowers and rectangular sail. Construct its crew and cargo (the temple inscriptions offer careful details.) Explore the geography of Egypt and court customs that made each item of cargo precious. Craft treasures fit for a Pharoah.

Join the class in reconstructing Hatshepsut's Temple of Deir al Bahri, a record of her wealth and power.

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