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2015 Summer Program

Digital clocks are cheap and ubiquitous, but who doesn't love the "tick-tock" of an old-fashioned analog clock? Since the middle ages artisan clock-makers have delighted their patrons with designer timepieces. Some clocks have thin, flowering hands and arabesque numbering. Some use stark, industrial lines and heavy, modern type. Some are mass-produced. Some are completely unique.

Make your own clock. You will design the hands and numerals in TinkerCAD for printing on our MakerBot Replicator 3D printers. Paint your clock face. Put it all together and hang it on your wall – you'll never be late again! What could be a better way to learn CAD programs than to have a 3D model printing out in front of you?

We will be signing up for free accounts with Autodesk's web-based "123D" design software. An e-mail address is required for this workshop.

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