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The 21st Leonardo Challenge

Uncharted Imagination

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The 21st Challenge: Uncharted Imagination

Not long ago travelers consulted paper maps distributed by service stations gratuitously, but difficult to refold. Today watches, phones and cars themselves provide directions, sometimes with animated updates and commentary voiced in dulcet but skeptical tones. A decade has transformed the ancient arts of cartography radically. Early maps recorded star patterns that marked changing seasons. Now the celestial robots of GPS guide us to lost car keys. Early maps defined the boundaries of unknown territories. Now we wonder if there is any space unmapped. We need a map to track the changing meanings of all these maps.

Download the Benefit Reply 2015.pdf (pdf, 29.8kb)

Leonardo was a cartographer by instinct. He knew the astronomy, charts and tools that launched his contemporary Columbus and the Age of Discovery. Leonardo mapped a canal system for Florence and wetlands drainage for Rome with an engineer’s precision. His exquisite aerial view of Imola lets us see that his mind, at least, had mastered flight. Leonardo’s maps are tools of mind. As an artist he uses a grid to expand paintings; as a mapmaker, he models the world on a grid. In his notebooks, he arranges words in relational configurations to visualize concepts that resemble the maps that whiteboards collect in modern design studios.

Maps organize the known and the unknown. This is the Challenge: take a known map or map idea and transform it. Find a purpose, form, or message that is far from its creator’s perspective.
Map once meant a piece of cloth, a rendering in two dimensions. Leonardo’s contemporaries had constructed globes. Now maps adorn every material and geometry imaginable. Now maps explore beyond three dimensions.

Use color and illustration for clarity or purposeful obscurity. Or both. Conceal or reveal treasures.

Leonardo da Vinci painted with unrivaled vision, explored science with modern logic and invented with pure imagination. The Leonardo Challenge celebrates one of his inventions: improvisational creativity. One hundred artists, designers and playful spirits will transform a common object – this year, the map– with wit, whimsy and artistry.

The April 23rd Benefit will revel in those artists’ creativity. Through their generosity and yours, the evening will support workshops and outreach to guide a next generation deeply into known realms and boldly to uncharted horizons.

DESIGN: SALLY HILL. With thanks to Mark at Royal Printing, John at Quality Printing, and Paul at B-P Products for their generous help and guidance in the production of this invitation. Printed using map pages from 10 copies of The National Geographic Atlas of the World, Editions 4 and 5. The map above is a Protected, Military 4-Quadrant Map fold.

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Treasure Map Save the Date

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Kiara Matos 9 Squares Plate

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Kiara Matos The Green's Lower Half

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Liz O'Connor Charts? Who Needs Charts?

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