Gilbert Catalog
Price in 1951: Unlisted
Huge assortment at tools for the advanced junior carpenter-includes tools for even complex building projects. Tables, Sail Boats, Swings, Huts, etc., can all be made with this giant tool chest equipment. Handsome basswood chest has natural wood-grain finish and includes hinged cover. Tools comprise; THREE saws of high carbon steel, large cost iron Plane, Hammer, Mallet, Putty Knife, three Squares, two Screwdrivers, two Chisels, Awl, Pliers, Nails, Utility Can, Brace and Bit, Wrench, hand grip Sandpaper Block and extra Sandpaper, carpenter's marking Chalk, 12" level, 3 Coping Saw blades, Scratch Gauge, Plumb Bob, Triangle. Chest is 20 1/2" long x 12 1/4" wide x 3" high.

Price in 1952: Unlisted
Huge assortment of tools for the advanced junior carpenter — enough for even complex building jobs! Big basswood chest contains Crosscut, Keyhole and Coping saws, Brace and Bit (with chuck), Mallet, two Screwdrivers, large Plane, Scratch Gage, 12" Level, Awl, Putty Knife, two Chisels, cast Pliers, metal Tri-Square, Gimlet Bit, Hammer, T Square, 45° Triangle, Plumb Bob, Carpenter's Chalk, Sandpaper Block with extra sandpaper, 12" metal Square, Utility Can and Nails. Chest is 20 1/2" x 12 1/4" x 3".

Price in 1955: $14.95
Complete set for the advanced junior carpenter. Sturdy steel cabinet opens to 20 1/4" and contains: 4" Screwdriver, Mallet, Awl, 1/4" Chisel, 7" die cast Plane, Putty Knife, Combination Level (for vertical, horizontal, angular use), 5" Screwdriver, 16" Crosscut Saw, 3/4" Chisel, Utility Can, 12" Keyhole Saw, 9 piece Twist Drill set (1/16" to 1/4"), Vent Nose Pliers, 4 pcs. Sandpaper, Carpenter's Pencil, metal Triangle, Hammer, 8" metal Try Square, Hack Saw, Wrecking Bar, Hobby Hand Drill, 6 ft. Folding Ruler, 3 pc. Open End Wrench set - 1/4" to 9/16". Illustrated folder. Cabinet is 21" high, 10" wide, 4" deep.