Gilbert Catalog
Price in 1951: Unlisted
Everything for the young carpenter in this big assortment! Hinged Chest made of basswood, attractively finished to bring out natural wood grain. Tools include: high carbon steel Crosscut Saw, T-Square, Trowel, Hummer, 12" Level, 8" Square, wood Mallet, Coping Saw and extra blades, Putty Knife, 8" Screwdriver, Awl, Pliers, 3/4" Chisel, Bruce and Bit, 5" Screwdriver, Keyhole Saw, Triangle, Wrench, Plumb Bob, cast iron Plane, Sandpaper Block and extra Sandpaper, Utility Can with Nails. Chest measures 18 5/8" long x 10 5/8" wide x 3" high.

Price in 1952: Unlisted
Everything for the young carpenter! Durable, hinged chest contains Crosscut, Coping and Keyhole saws, large Brace with chuck, Mallet, two Screwdrivers, Awl, Chisel, 12" Level, Utility Can and Nails, cast Pliers, Hammer, 8" metal Tri—Square, 12" T Square, 45° Triangle, Gimlet Bit, Plumb Bob, Trowel, die-cast Plane, Putty Knife, 3 saw blades, Sandpaper Block and extra sandpaper, Wrench. Chest measures 18 5/8” x 10 5/8" x 3".