Gilbert Catalog
Price in 1951: Unlisted
By far the best tool chest value in its price range! Handsome basswood chest, with natural finished grain, makes ideal carrying case for doing repair jobs away from the work bench. Tools include high carbon steel Crosscut Saw, Brace and Bit, Triangle, carpenter's Hammer, T-Square, 12" Level, Pliers, 8" Screwdriver, Putty Knife, Dividers, 8" Square, Awl, 5" Screwdriver, Wrench, Sandpaper Block and extra Sandpaper, carpenter’s marking Chalk, cast iron Plane. Chest is 16 5/8" long x 8 3/4" wide x 3" high.

Price in 1952: Unlisted
Best tool chest value in its price range, by far! Sturdy, hinged Cover Chest. Contains Brace and Bit, Sew, Screw-driver, Putty Knife, Awl, Pliers, Dividers, Chalk, 12" Level, Sandpaper Block, Hammer, Triangle, Tri-Square, 12" T Square, Sandpaper supply, Gimlet Bit, Wrench, Plane, Plumb Bob, Utility Can. Chest 16 5/8" x 8 3/4" x 3".