Gilbert Catalog
Price in 1946: Unlisted
21 PIECES. 50 1/2" LONG . . . Start this sleek passenger train on its exciting run with smooth precision — just os a real engineer would. There's no jerky "jack-rabbit" jumping here – thanks to its smooth-pulling worm-gear drive. The gleaming black locomotive has four mighty drive wheels with eccentric arm double action piston rods and Lucite electric headlight. Its shining eight-wheel tender is filled with imitation coal. The sonorous rhythm of its "choo-choos" increases in intensity as the train picks up speed — just as real highliners do. The two long, handsome coaches have electric lights, and are of lightweight plastic construction that is the latest word in scale model railroading. Lightweight baggage car has sliding doors. Locomotive, all cars and two-rail track are engineered to 3/16" scale. Automatic coupling and uncoupling devices add to the fun of operating. Truck makes 140" oval. 75 or 100 Watt Tranformer recommended.

Set consists of: 1 No. 301 Locomotive and Tender with "Choo-Choo," 16" long; 651-G Baggage Car, 10 3/4"; 2 650-G Coaches, 10 3/4". Track: 12 No. 702 curved, 1 No. 700 straight, 1 No. 705 straight with built-in uncoupling device and control box, 1 No. 690 Track Terminal.