Gilbert Catalog
Price in 1946: Unlisted
21 PIECES. 40 13/16" LONG . . . The sensational "choo-choo" built into this crack freight brings to your ears the exciting sound effects of a real train in action. Hear the slow, impatient "choo-choos" of heaving horsepower when your train is ready to go. Then, as it picks up speed, listen to those "choo-choos" come faster and faster, louder and louder, singing the magic, thrilling song of the rails with glorious realism. Watch the cars flash by on the true-to-life two-rail track that is an exciting new feature of the famous American Flyer line. Powerful die-cast locomotive has Lucite electric headlight, hauls a string of modern, lightweight plastic cars: log car with six wooden logs, box cars with sliding doors, illuminated caboose. Couple cars automatically; uncouple them by electric remote control. 14 sections of track make 140" oval. 75 or 100 Watt Transformer recommended.

A Set consists of: No. 301 Locomotive and Tender with "Choo-Choo," 16" long; 628 Log Car, 8 3/4"; 633 Box Car. 7 13/16"; 630 Caboose with Light, 6". Track: 12 No. 702 curved, 1 No. 700 straight, 1 No. 705 straight with built-in uncoupling device and control box, 1 No. 630 Track Terminal.