Gilbert Catalog
Price in 1946: Unlisted
Same as above [No. 4602], but without "Choo-Choo." 75 Watt Transformer Recommended.

Price in 1947: Unlisted
21 PIECES. 40 13/16" LONG . . .
There are miles of thrills in operating this fast freight. The powerful die-cast locomotive, tender, three lightweight plastic cars and true-to·life two-rail track are all built to 3/16" scale so that everything is real scale model. The precision motor is a descendant of the control valve motors developed for the famous Grumman Hellcats. Power is transmitted to the huge drive wheels through superpower worm drive that assures smooth starting and stopping and accurate control of train at all speeds. Locomotive has Lucite electric headlight and removable boiler front. Log car has six wooden logs. Box car has sliding doors. Caboose is illuminated. Realistic close couplers automatically couple on curves or straightaway. Uncoupling is done by remote control. Just push a button and the uncoupling device — which is built in a special track section — does the rest. 14 sections of track make 140" oval. 75 Watt Transformer recommended.

A Set consists of: No. 300 Locomotive and Tender, 16" long; 628 Log Car, 8 3/4"; 633 Box Car. 7 13/16"; 630 Caboose with Light, 6". Track: 12 No. 702 curved, 1 No. 700 straight, 1 No. 705 straight with built-in uncoupling device and control box, 1 No. 630 Track Terminal.