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Leonardo daVinci wrote: judge me by my works, not my words.

The Portfolio Project is an effort to train Apprentices to document their designs as evidence of their skills and the Museum's scope and purpose. While there is some collaboration in all designs, unless otherwise noted the the creative and technical decisions that shaped this project are principally the apprentice's.

Title: Trip Hammer

Age: 13
Apprenticeship Year: 1st
Assignment: a project that can be done by 9-12 year olds from one of Leonardo DaVinci's designs.

Solution: The cam was made by the CNC and carved into shape on a band saw. Students assemble the frame and put in dowel axles. When a student turns the crank, the cam rotates and lifts the arm and then drops it. The arm falls, the nut hits the bolt, and the cap explodes.

Codex III.2L.1a


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