Leonardo Paddleboat

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For Families

Water was the teacher Leonardo loved best. He studied its tiniest droplets and its shattering waves. He envisioned boats the future would bring. Construct and test his paddlewheel boat. Conduct experiments that Leonardo proposes for all students of science.


Step 1
Insert the eyescrews on the sides and the thimble with peg on the front.

Step 2
Slide the axle in and lock it in place with rubber stops. Dab glue on the ends for the paddle wheels.

Step 3
Lock the paddles together in the center and slide onto the axle.

Step 4
Thread the rubber band through the axle and tie the end tight.

Step 5
Stretch the drive band around the front thimble and through the anchor hole in the rear. Use the wooden stopper to peg it in tight.

Step Done
Attach the skipper and set sail!

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