Erector Sets

Gilbert invented the first Erector Set in 1913. Henry Ford's Model T was still new. The Wright Brother's triumph was still experimental. Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, and George Easton watched their inventions flourish. New railroads and bridges reached out and pulled together a nation that New Mexico and Arizona had just joined. Gilbert's Erector sets inspired the hands of children with the spirit of his era.

Junior Erector

Erector (Part 2)

Erector 100 Toys in One

Erector-Greatest Construction Set ever Invented

Junior Erector 2

Erector Tips

Erector Electrical Set

Erector Truck

American Flyer Train

Erector "The Toy Like Structural Steer"

The Mysto Erector-Structural Steel Builder

Erector-A Boy that has 2 Sides

Erector Elevator at Eli Whitney

Ready to put on your shelves and counters...

Erector Electrical Set

Erector How To Make 'Em Book

The Erector Look-Over-'Em Book

Gilbert Toy Tips (1922)

Erector Crane

Erector Elevator

Erector Steam Engine

Erector Ferris Wheel

Erector Parts

More Erector Parts

Erector Set