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The Eli Whitney Museum and Workshop is an experimental learning workshop for students, teachers, and families. We collect, interpret, and teach experiments that are the roots of design and invention.

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For Families

Family Day at the Eli Whitney Museum

For children between 5 and 12 years old, we offer walk-in projects on weekends, birthday parties, summer, and vacation programs. There are 1001 things to build before you grow up. From Thanksgiving to New Year's our American Flyer train layout is available for children to run during our open hours. Children can build a toy train on the weekends as a Walk-in project.

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For Teachers and Groups


The Eli Whitney Museum and Workshop offers unique educational programs at our site or at your school. Choose from our catalog of more than 50 school programs, or work with us to design a program that meets your specific needs.

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Celebrate the Whitney tradition of learning by experiment. The Museum designs, produces and teaches projects that engage young hands, eyes and minds. Support a community asset and earn unique benefits by becoming a member.

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