Benefits of Membership

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Discounted Rates

A percentage (5 – 10%) off the cost of workshops, classes and weekly projects.

Birthday Parties

You and your children can enjoy carefree and inventive birthdays, available only to members.

Technical Support

Tools and expertise for one history diorama, science project, or invention. Time in which our workshop becomes your workshop.

A car, a boat, a train, a plane

Your children (or grandchildren) can build essential experiments... available no place else. Or choose from our vast catalogue. A project here or a kit for a gift.


You will receive early announcements, discounts, and on-line registration opportunities for our summer and vacation programs. And you are invited to the Annual Meeting, the Leonardo Challenge, and other events.

Support a Unique Community Asset

You become an essential partner in our work. Member loyalty guides and sustains our programs. Your Membership dollars go to you help build tools for schools, and they support the training of inventors, designers and leaders.

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