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Hands on Stories

Strictly No Elephants

Listen, look, and build. We offer a whole library of projects to help our students get in touch with famous stories.

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Dexterity Games

Dexterity Game 2013

More than a century ago Mark Twain marveled that, surrounded by a world of inventions, children devoted their time to games: handheld marble games, to be specific.

Those games still appeal. Design a game with it’s beginning middles and end. Hammer in pegs. Stretch a web of rubber bands. Play.

One marble is not a challenge. Three marbles become a game.

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House of Straw, Sticks or Bricks

House of Straw, Sticks or Bricks thumbnail

Construct a basic shelter. Choose walls and roof. Consider what materials are available where. Build a family. Consider the problems your walls will protect them from: rain, snow, heat, fire, winds, floods, mice, bugs or wolves.

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Fishing Boat

Fishing Boat  thumbnail

Water is the perfect laboratory for experiment. Construct a boat. How will water test its materials, balance, and buoyancy? Test your work in our Water Learning Lab (May – Sept). Choose our Fishing Boat or the Leonardo Paddlewheel Boat.

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