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2017 Summer Program

Every civilization has built castles. Their styles and purposes may differ. Castles protect important people or treasures. Castles may mark the center of an empire or protect a frontier outpost. Castles may be built to impress or to intimidate. Castles may be beautiful or un-ornamented and practical.

Become a castle architect. Construct a micro-castle each day to honor the needs and wishes of 5 clients.

A Rookery: a castle to honor a wandering warbler. Waterproof, ready for hanging, fit to its nesting habits.
A Treasury: an artful bank that secures in secret your coins and other treasures.
A Royal Garden: a planter to protect and nurture precious plants...inside or out.
A Citadel: a fortress to ward off knights and catapults (included).
A Manor House: a home of safety and beauty with a kind and generous royal family.

Look each day at castles from around the world. Observe each day that your skills and style will become more adventurous.

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