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2018 Summer Program

The artist Sylvie Rosenthal creates elegant furniture and improbable animals in wood. Her work resides in galleries and private collections around the world. Not so long ago, she was an 8 year old prodigy in our Workshop. Occasionally, her work (a bird with a crank, for example) seems the perfection of a project she began here.

This summer, Sylvie returns to adapt new projects, tools, techniques and woods for young hands. Take on a new challenge each morning: a thumb piano with a cedar tone box, a band saw box for small treasures, a forest creature whittled from wood, a Chinese wood block to ward off daemons, an invented friend assembled from found wood parts. Each afternoon choose short workshops to master a tool (including new planes) or a technique (including turning), experiment with a new finish, or to take on a creative challenge.

Special thanks: Tim Spratlin, fine woodworker. for hardwood offcuts.

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