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2018 Summer Program

A Maker Space is a place with the tools, materials, and guidance needed to let curious hands express themselves. Bring your imagination. Construct a big project each day. Each day choose small experiments to play with new skills.

Magnetic Marble Run
Help us develop a marble track system that can be set up on refrigerator doors or a small magnet board. With jumps, spirals and bells. Connect with others.

LED Lamp
Light Emitting Diodes are energy heroes and a great way to practice circuits and design. Construct a low voltage lamp for your room.

Imaginary Friend
Head, arms, legs...we all start with the same pieces. But we are all put together differently. Make a mini-you, or a robot, or whatever. Learn 5 ways to shape & connect wood.

A Universal Motor
Learn the basic movements of motors so that you can make anything move. Adventures in pulleys and gears.

A Virtual Virtual Reality Viewer
Not a computerized viewer, a creativized viewer. Transform the world you see with mirrors, lenses, filters, tricks of light and imagination.

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