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2018 Summer Program

Surprise your listeners. Give them characters that are not frightening but playful and wise. Make its images beautiful to look at. Tell the story with rich and deep colors that bring its emotions to life. Include music that makes everyone want to dance. Give your listeners a big idea: that we never lose the departed. Every family, your family has a history. That characters in that history you have not met will someday enter your memory and guide you.

Construct skeletons that dance. Construct a mask for you to dance in. Join the class in decorating a shrine with paper Marigold flowers and those magical colors. Paint images inspired by the artist Frida Kahlo whose hand captured the colors of Mexico. Paint Dante as an alebrije (a mythical animal mash-up) in the Oaxacan style. Construct a white guitar to accompany your story. Collect lessons for the journey ahead of you as you begin to discover who you are.

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