Crash Test Dummies XVII

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Crash Test Dummies XVII

CTD XVII: The Nano Dummies Edition


2017 Summer Program

A break with tradition which for Crash Test Dummies is the tradition. Nano Crash Test Dummies are 1/25th scale rather than our classic 1/8th scale: small Dummies for big scale adventures.

Construct and test drive an electric car at high speed. (Look out Tesla, Faraday, BMWi3.) Construct a surfboard to send your Dummy down the cascading falls of our Water Lab Canal. Prepare your Dummy to accompany an egg in a 30’ drop. Launch your Dummy with a Rocket pack. Design a capsule to propel and protect your Dummy in a Vacuum Cannon. Finally, laminate wood verniers to construct a custom fingerboard. Joint the class in constructing the ultimate playground of hazards: the fingerboard Skate Park. With experiments in slow motion Photography.

Rocket Engines and batteries included.

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