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2018 Summer Program

500 years ago, Leonardo daVinci awakened the world to the power of experiment. The person should be the measure of all things, he argued. Test everything. This summer, make 10 Nano Crash Test Dummies to pursue Leonardo’s challenge.

Leonardo loved power. Motorize a horse. Charge your Dummy into battle. Roast a Dummy with a solar lens. Prepare your dummy to survive mighty waves. Leonardo challenged boundaries. Launch your Dummy on wings. Spin it into flight. Lift it with rockets. Invent a bicycle and a track for your Dummy to descend.
Leonardo loved fantasy. Transport your Dummy on a robot cart. Make it dance to a robot band. Leonardo designed big. Drop your Dummy from a 30 foot tower with the first parachute (and an egg). Join the class in constructing a castle. Invent new ways for your Dummies to attack it.

Play as Leonardo instructed us to learn…with no fear of the failures that mark the path toward success.

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