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2018 Summer Program

The Sewing Machine is a 19th century invention that sparked a technological, industrial, and social revolution in the production of textiles.

The CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) router is a 21st century tool which aids fabrication in the physical world. Manufacturing tasks are able to be controlled by a programming language to carry out a wider variety of tasks with great accuracy and speed.

This class will teach you about design and patten making for both the CNC and the sewing machine.

During the course of the week, you will design a boat, (lets call it an Ark), and produce it on our industrial CNC machines, to house a group of endangered species which you will design and sew using our Janome sewing machines and your own hand skills. You will discover that, whether for hard materials or soft materials, design is a most important skill to master before big, fancy tools become useful to you.

Why learn Sewing machines and CNC machines? Because the more machines you master, the more the world belongs to you.

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