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2016 Summer Program

Ever since the Chinese invented paper 22 Centuries ago, artists have drawn and painted on it. 150 years ago factories began to produce paper. That brought many new types and styles of paper...and lower prices. Modern artists began to make art of paper. Henri Matisse cut and arranged paper to make graceful figures dance. Paul Klee applied tissue to color backgrounds, then crushed and folded strips of colored paper to make lines....and old but still popular technique called quilling. Alexander Calder painted and cut simple two dimensional forms, then balanced and suspended them to make fully 3 dimensional sculptures. Chuck Close assembles large portraits from found color dots carefully arranged.

Express yourself with paper. Use a least 10 styles, textures and weights of paper. Learn new tricks to tear, cut, roll,and fold it. Master new tools that you will take home (including artist’s scissors). Experiment with new glues and paint. Make a book after Matisse, a Stabile after Calder, a portrait after Close, a collage after Klee: their techniques, your vision and style.

Special Thanks: Lehman Bros Printers whose precious offcuts remain a generous endowment.

Note: This is a 4 day week.

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