World of Color

Eli Whitney Museum

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2016 Summer Program

Where do colors come from? Short answer: The World.
Every civilization has developed colors. Sometimes because they were abundant. Sometimes because they were scarce. Of course art needs colors. But architecture, clothing, makeup and celebrations are also richer with color. Precious pigments have inspired exploration, trade and science. Every color has a story.

Learn organic recipes to make watercolors: orange from the spice turmeric, purple from bilberries, red from beet root, yellow from mustard, dark green from seaweed, black from charcoal. Make a pallette to hold them. Learn to prep paper and artful brush strokes.

Celebrate world colors. New England Red: construct a tiny model of Whitney’s Barn and paint it with the rust red paint used 200 years ago. Henna Brown: Mix this ancient plant extract from India and Africa with lemon juice or tea to paint a tiny temporary tattoo. Indigo: Dye a bandanna with ancient Japanese Shibori Techniques. Holi Colors: honor a Hindu Festival that celebrates the awakening colors of Spring in India with a glorious party that showers (safe, washable) color on everyone and everything.

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