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2016 Summer Program

While the digital process has become the new normal for many, when thinking about photography, the traditional processes are still very alive & exciting to a new generation!

Join Mistina & Luke Hanscom of Lotta Studio and discover how to combine new digital techniques with traditional processes of the past. You will learn the basic operations and concepts and control operations of your camera, as well as tools to aid you in capturing both the outer and inner expressions of your subjects, followed by techniques in digital manipulation to transform your imagery into your final intentions.

Once final images have been achieved, we will learn how to create a new “digital” negative to be used in the creation of a traditional print by using a technique called the Van Dyke Printing process. These Van Dyke prints utilize a simple liquid emulsion that is painted onto a paper or cloth surface.

Joining the digital manipulation with the traditional print methods yields an outcome that is beautifully creative and not easily obtainable by the masses, bringing the Art back into photography.

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